28 February 2010

Has it really been almost a year?!

WOW! It has been a long, long time... anyone still checking in from time to time?

I have had a bit of a career change--I am currently in a fabulous Breast Oncoplastic Fellowship. This means that I am training to do everything from breast oncologic procedures (and those for benign disease) to the reconstructive aspects of breast... as well as aesthetic breast surgeries. So, everything breast, in a nutshell. I am very much enjoying this, but I have been quite busy.

In addition, I am trying to figure out what is next--in other words, do I want to start a private (solo) practice, or be hired by a hospital... or something in between? and where to? yet another question. We have decided that we either want to be close to family, or in a warm place. and yet... it has not been easy to find something. I have tried recruiters, but the majority want me to either do general surgery with some breast, or they need someone in New York. As for the first, I have not done general surgery in more than 5 (five!!) years, and although I was very good at it at one point, it has been a looooong time. I really am not wanting to experiment on patients... As for the second, New York is terribly saturated with both breast surgeons and plastic surgeons... and it is cold... and I have really had enough... it is time to move on (figuratively and literally).

So, there you have it--the main headers to my brain's thoughts of late. There is much more, but this is enough for now.

So, any ideas or thoughts from the peanut gallery? ;) Are any of you hospital administrators looking for an assertive, passionate breast surgeon? Or maybe you are in need of a partner, tired of doing breast? I can wish...