14 January 2009

FDA recalls in the New Year

First of all, a wonderfully happy and blissful 2009 to one and all!!

So I know that mum's the word around here, lately, and I do hope to get up and running again, soon.

In the meantime, it seems mighty big that peanut butter is getting recalled left and right, so I thought I would let everyone of you [3 or so people that check in here :)] know.

So, here are the facts: Peanut Corporation of America (and here) is doing a recall of peanut butter for fear of Salmonella contamination. Likewise, Kellogg (yes, THAT Kellogg) is recalling--preemptively--all peanut butter-containing products. There was also a recall of peanut butter by King Nut 2 days ago for the same reason.

Since peanut butter is a major indulgence for many, I thought I would post about this. As always, stay safe and healthy!

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