23 August 2010

must... post

I wasn't planning to, as it is quite hard with only one functional upper extremity (more on that later). But, on a whim, I visited a site I hadn't in a while, and felt compelled.

You see, we had had a party a few weeks ago. I always make several types of sangria, but this time felt inspired to try something new. After a little research, as well as trips to three (yes, 3!!) liquor stores to find the magical ingredient, I made my own Pimm's Cup. Now it can be yours. Necessity being the mother of invention, you will find mine to be different from the original.

you need:
equal parts Pimm's No.1, fizzy lemonade, ginger ale (original, with ginger pieces floating inside)*
mint leaves--about 20
small cucumber--sliced
1/2 pint blueberries (I inadvertently had used the last of the strawberries for the sangria)

you do:
mix in a large pitcher
serve over ice

*of course, you could use one or the other, or even ginger beer, but I really thought that this was especially refreshing, and not too ginger-overpowering

this easily scales up or down :)



Sarada Kakinada said...

Dr. B,

Thanks again for the support! I wanted to suggest to you Mango Lassi for summer parties. It's non-alcoholic, but very easy and refreshing to make. You only need sugar, milk, yogurt (plain Dannon or similar, not vanilla or any other flavor) and mango pulp. Mango pulp can be bought in a can at an Indian grocery store, many of which exist in the NYC area. You basically combine all in a blender and add to taste. The color should be a medium creamy orange, but some people like it more milky and others more mango-y. Just blend it up and serve over ice!

DrB said...

Thank you!! I LOVE mango lassis, but truly have never realized that the prep is so easy!

I'll definitely give it a whirl ;)