10 March 2008

Less than 1 month to the boards...

and I decided to start a blog.  One of my oldest friends has always said that I don't know how to survive without pressure.  If it's not there, I create it.  That's not entirely true, but there are some things that I organize better when I have more to organize.  So, here we are.  

From perusing other's blogs, and looking at frequency of writings, I don't know if I'll be able to keep up... but I'll try.  Baby steps, at first, I suppose.  I guess I have to look around, see what all of these buttons mean.  That will take a little time.  Then, up, up, and away... or so I think.  

Oh, yes, and that private practice should be underway soon, as well... A few things on my plate.  :)  More to write about that way.  Well, I wanted to jot down SOMETHING here.  A little tidbit instead of an empty page.  

While I'm at it, was anyone else taken by surprise with the time change today?!?!  We did a quadruple take before one of us said, "Wait a minute, was there a time change?" while blinking at the time on the computer screen.  Someone stole an hour--terrible!  

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Hector said...

I find this blog thing a good hobby; I would give it a try but no time with all the work in college. I noticed the time change yes, eventhough it doesn't change where I'm at but my iPhone(=]) has world clock and I noticed that eastern time(NY,FL,etc.) had an hour more than yesterday.

Anyway gtg
PS: the blog's cool keep it up