01 September 2010

watch out, furry ones

While the rest of the world blogs about docs stuck in chimneys (seriously?! what a dumb-ass) and fancy new google tools (well, not entirely new), I'd like to turn your attention to this: ANOTHER FREAKIN' CAT FOOD RECALL!!

I don't know why this aggravates me so... oh, yeah, because their livelihood is in our hands--completely. And, wouldn't you know it? Salmonella is the culprit, yet again!

As for the huge egg recall, I'll just say, "I told you so." Yes, I have been touting the benefits of buying from local, small farms for a long time. Yes, it may be a little more expensive, but what price is your health? I speak from experience--I have had Salmonella poisoning before. Once on vacation: bad Chinese, and once more recently: the tomato recall. Granted the vacation bug was so, so much worse than the tomatoes, but, then again, I ate only one of the tainted fruits.

As for the Iams? Again? Iams cat food was recalled previously, and not that long ago--in fact, just a month ago. grrrrr

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