09 June 2008

Yikes-- Salmonella strikes again

News flash!  There has been a tomato recall.  

Considering that tomatoes are heavily consumed in the spring and summer months, this is a big deal.  Considering that this has (ehem) affected yours truly, this is an even bigger deal.  

I went to my friendly neighborhood grocery/ specialty store this morning and bought a bunch of stuff including, said, tomatoes.  I went about my day, having a tomato with lunch.  About two hours ago, it started... that uncomfortable feeling in the gut, dry mouth, running for the toilet.  ("What the h...?") 

And then, I checked my email, and found my U. S. FDA email.  I ran to the 'fridge, and checked my tomatoes against the list.  ALAS, mine were from Mexico---aaargh.  That explains it.  

So, I called that aforementioned neighborhood grocery/ specialty store to alert them.   "Yes, thank you, we have pulled all of our tomatoes already."  I told her that I bought some this morning, and they were from Mexico.  Her answer?  "You can bring them back for a full refund."  Well, what could she say?  She was not aware of my discomfort, and the fact that I had to stop my pilates (twice) to run to the bathroom.  

But, now you are aware, and maybe you have not yet eaten the tomatoes that you purchased this morning.  PLEASE check them against the list.  If you are not sure where your toms are from (as in, they are not clearly marked), call your store to find out.  Do not take a chance.  If you are young and healthy, it will likely be a nuisance; however, if you are immunocompromised in any way (elderly, ill, or very young), it could be very serious.  

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