15 June 2008

OK, OK, a little premature

my earlier post was.  

Mommy came back last evening.  Hip hip hooray!!  I admit that I was really worried for the little feathered family.

She was sopping wet (she made her reunion in the middle of a thunderstorm), but there she was.  She was so wet, in fact, that I almost did not recognize her, as she was a darker (wetter) shade of gray than usual.  

Last night, Saturday was freaked out with the thunderstorm.  He hid behind a table leg, as close to the building as possible.  

And today?  Well, Sabado has been in his nest all day.  It has been mostly a grey, overcast day.  I wonder if he is grounded?  I have not seen him sit in the nest in more than a week during the day.  He's usually out and about.  hmmm...

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