14 June 2008

Sad to report...

but it looks as though Mommy has (possibly) fallen prey to the hawk.  Well, that is a supposition on my part.  

Here's what I know:  Daddy slept by himself last night in the corner of the balcony.  And today, I haven't seen Mommy at all.  It seems as though little Sabado (Saturday) and Daddy are on the lookout for Mommy.  They are sitting on the edge of the balcony looking out to the outside all morning.  She has not been here.  

And the super of my building told me earlier in the week that the hawk (which I saw a few weeks ago) was feasting on a pigeon just a week ago on the fourth floor balustrade.  Well, that was not Mommy, as she has only been missing since yesterday, but maybe it was time for another meal for Mr Hawk?  

I'll keep you updated, but things are looking pretty grim.  :(

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