04 June 2008


I haven't had a chance to write while things happen, but that little squab is GROWING!! 

Last Friday, he was squawking so much, that I finally looked out of the window.  There he was, just outside of the nest, trying out his tiny little wings... Except, he does not really have feathers, yet.  Just a whole lotta fluff, so this resulted in him running around in a circle--clockwise, counter-clockwise, clockwise, coun... well, you get the idea.  I can only imagine that this was very frustrating, as he was making TONS of noise--squeaking and squawking the whole time.  It was darned cute to watch, though.  :)  I guess Mommy and Daddy thought so, too, as they were both there, watching the whole fiasco from two feet away.

That night, Saturday slept by himself.  Mommy and Daddy were on the balcony, huddled together in a corner about 10 feet away, but he was by himself in the nest.  

We went away for the weekend, but when we came back... he just really seems to have grown.  Yesterday, he was a few feet away from the nest.  But today?  Today, Saturday is all over the balcony!  And I got to watch him getting fed by Daddy.  THAT was amazing... and, I can only imagine, a little painful for Daddy.  I mean the little guy is digging into the mouth of Daddy with his beak to get all of the milk.  There was so much excitement during the feeding, that they were dancing together all over the balcony.  Once Saturday was done, he was chirping away, getting all fluffy, with Daddy patrolling.  And when he moved?  A nice big poop, after which he snuggled into the nest for a nap.  :)

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