24 June 2008

New Territory

Sabado has discovered the neighbors' balcony.  Of course it was only a matter of time.  Our balconies are not completely separated--the divider does not go all the way to the "ground" or to the outer balustrade.  

So, off he went, around and over--walking, running, of course.  Still not flying.  :)  His wings are SO big, now... almost adult-size.  You would think that at any moment, during one of his little fits where he is squawking and running around fanning his wings, he would take flight, but... nope.  Not once, not yet.  Daddy still feeds him.  I am proud to say, also, that my balcony is definitely 'home' for him.  

And the felines love the show.  There are days, though, that I think they (the cats) really get it into their little heads that "Today is the day we get to go outside... to see the birdies up close."  Their little tails do the happy dance, and they won't stop mewing and meowing.  Alas, it is always a let-down.  It never turns out to be the day...

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