30 June 2008

Flight lessons, and OFF...

Over the weekend, Sabado learned to fly... today, I regained my balcony.  Well, not entirely, but as much as I could, for the moment.  

You see, the little family will still come here; they still call this "home."  But, enough is enough.  Call me mean, self-serving, whatever, but when I saw Mommy nesting again (!?!?), I knew something had to be done.  And no, it doesn't make sense that she will lay more eggs this season.  For all I know, the nest is simply a comfy place in which to rest her little feathered butt. 

You see, I am a New Yorker, after all.  My balcony is all that I have.  If I had a house, with some other stretch of land to, well, stretch on, then it would be a different story.  But, I have gone enough beautiful evenings and days without the benefit of my wonderful balcony.  I have sacrificed dutifully.  And now that the little winged one can flitter at will, it is time.   

So, off I went and purchased my heavy-duty broom, and went out this evening in my mismatched tank top and running shorts (yay--they're again in use!), flip flops and gloves, and swept up what I could of the nest, poop, and feathers.  Don't worry, there is still much to do--I still need to Clorox (yes, a verb in this case) the place, but it's a start.  In the meantime, if I come down with bird flu, we all will know why, and will one of you then kindly contact R, as he does not read my blog.  ;)

By the way, as for Sabado, he is too damn cute for words.  He still is very discernible by his little left over yellow feathers on his head and the tips of his wings, and of course, he is still smaller than his parents.  He is also LAZY.  Whenever he sees his parents, he still runs after them, demanding to be fed.  I think the idea is that once they can fly, the little ones start to feed on their own.  The parents scamper off away from him every chance they get.  Oh, but then this weekend, I was starting to wonder if Sabado is a *girl,* because she is soooo clingy to her Daddy.  OK, OK, I know, I am projecting human emotions onto a bird.  But it's fun!

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