19 May 2008

Cookbooks... and gardens... et al

Completely a self-absorbed, me, all about me, kind of post.  

I desperately want this cookbook!  I adore Jamie Oliver's style, and I have one of his cookbooks.  Since I now also have my little AeroGarden (where the --2 kinds of-- basil, by the way, threatens to take over the kitchen on a daily basis), I really, really want this book.  

By the way, the thyme is not far behind.  The mint, dill, and *finally,* the chives are just fine, thank you, but the parsley, oh, the parsley.  Well, let's just say that, to their credit, if you have something that is failing in your AeroGrow, the kind people will replace that pod.  Sadly, I just realized that!  A FULL four weeks into growth--yikes.  Now, I cannot raise the lamps, and I have to keep cutting back all the herbs... Let's just say it hurts, just a little.  Of course it's just grand that the herbs grow without soil, but I do love outdoor gardens, too.  Oh, well, we New Yorkers make do.  Next, I think, will be the Japanese herbs... but that is many, many months away... by then, I may change my mind to the chiles and tomatoes, or, who knows, there are so many choices...  (OK, I know, I've completely derailed this... I have to change the title.  There, that's better.)

As an aside, considering the girl-cat's panache for anything green or flowery, I am simply AMAZED that she has not yet discovered the herbs!!  :) 

To finalize the haphazardness of my thoughts, and in case anyone is wondering:  The pigeons did just fine for the party this weekend.  The balcony remained blocked off, and the guests did not even complain, too much.  Mommy stayed on the chicks throughout, keeping them warm.  (It has been quite a cold May!)  

Speaking of that, Daddy got into a bit of a scuffle today.  I don't know exactly what happened, but I heard all sorts of pigeon noises at one point.  When I looked out, I saw a pigeon that looked ~almost~ like Daddy chasing another pigeon away.  I then realized that it WAS Daddy, and that the ~almost~ was because he had been pecked at!  Now, he has some loose white feathers high on his chest.  Once the intruder was gone, he went back and settled on the wriggling, peeping little yellow chicks in the nest.  And all was right with the world, again.  :)

Ok, so I guess the post wasn't all about me, after all...

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