18 May 2008

Right on Time

18 days I read, and 18 days it was--We have pigeon babies--chicks!!  One was born Friday, the other Saturday--both exactly 18 days from the days their respective eggs were laid.  So, R decided we should call them "Friday" and "Saturday."  I know, very imaginative, but, really, what DO you call pigeons, anyway?  

So, now they will stay in the nest for roughly a month.  Learning the pigeon ways, tricks of the trade, and all.  And then, well, off they go, I suppose.  That's when I get my balcony back.  

For now, they are TINY, and very weak.  They literally cannot hold their little heads up, and their eyes are humungous!  In puppies and kittens, the paws are huge, in pigeons--eyes!  

Mom and dad still take turns keeping them warm--these little ones cannot regulate their body temperature, yet.  They have to be kept together--the siblings, that is--or they get lonely.  They don't mind letting  you know, either.  They'll make lots of noise until their brother or sister is next to them.  Both parents make milk to feed them.  Lots of teamwork!  :)  

Everything is as it should be.  

Oh, I should also let you know that there is a great book, called Extraordinary Pigeons.   It's quite amazing, and will change the way you think of these birds. 

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