27 May 2008


the hawk (a Red-Tailed Hawk, I later researched, who, by the way, looked like this) never came back... so far, I guess.  There is always tomorrow.  

The little one (Saturday) is growing.  Daddy leaves the nest more frequently, now.  I look out to just see Saturday (or the squab, as he is properly called) there; sometimes with dad hanging out on the balcony rail.  Finally, the days are getting a little warmer, too.  Interestingly, Mommy doesn't seem to have a problem staying on the nest all night long!

Both Mommy and Daddy make the cheesy milk that the squabs eat, until they are about a month old.  At that point, Daddy takes over with the food production, and general feeding.  

The squabs stay in the nest until they are six to eight weeks old.  (Oops, underestimated that one...)  Although they start flying at about 4 weeks.  (That should be fun!)  

While I am at it, I had mentioned the book, Extraordinary Pigeons in an earlier post.  Well, this guy, in Utah, actually breeds and sells pigeons of some of the varieties that are mentioned in the book.  So, if you think that they are exotic and not to be found, think again.  His photos are quite nice.  

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